"Never Heard of It"

"Never Heard of It"

Me, on the telephone: “Hi, I’m having trouble accessing my account online. I think I signed up three years ago with a username I don’t remember and I need to update some information.”

TIAA-CREF representative: “Ok, I’m sure we can help you with that…”

Me: “Great! Thanks.”

[Going through the motions of resetting the account, getting online access, etc.]

TIAA-CREF rep: “Is there any particular reason you’re trying to access your accounts today?”

Me: (In my head—“seriously?”) “Yes. I’m linking them to my Mint.com account.”

TIAA-CREF rep: (dubious silence) “…”

Me: “You know about Mint.com, yes?! It’s amazing.”

TIAA-CREF rep: “No. I’ve never heard of it.” (suspicious about a third party hooking into my accounts…)

Me: (In my head: “surely at least one other client has mentioned Mint to this rep?!”) “You should check it out…” (I explain what it does and why it’s awesome)

Seems like folks in financial services should be aware of such tools.

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