Reality "could go a lot of different ways"

Reality "could go a lot of different ways"

There’s a person named Anne Herbert who maintains a blog called Peace, Love, and Noticing the Details. Posts are often literary and poetic, sometimes overwrought, but much more often startling and thought-provoking. Herbert hews close to the quotidian, deriving meaning from the little details of the everyday.

As a qualitative researcher, I find her observations and reflections to be stunning on occasion. Here’s the full text of a recent post:

Be gentle with reality, which could go a lot of different ways. Don’t startle it with fear and anger. Let reality find its best self.

The first two sentences here are wonderful—reality isn’t fixed, but malleable. It “could go a lot of different ways,” indeed! In this sense, it’s almost fragile, not forbidding. I’m less sanguine about the third sentence, but it does make me think…

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