The Active AM

The Active AM

“—…what we do is an intervention, Pennyhaugh lectures Judah from his notes, —a reorganization. The living cannot be made a golem—because with the vitality of ogone, flesh and vegetable is matter interacting with its own mechanisms. The unalive, though, is inert because it happens to lie just so. We make it meaningful. We do not order it but point out the order that inheres unseen, always already there. This act of pointing is at least as much assertion and persuasion as observation. We see structure, and in pointing it out we see mechanisms and grasp them, and we twist. Because patterns are asserted not in stasis but in change. Golemetry is an interruption. It is a subordinating of the static is to the active AM.”

China Miéville | Iron Council

Not exactly radical symmetry, but an acknowledgement of vital materiality nonetheless.

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